photographs + links

I got to photograph this sweet girl last weekend. We made Melissa’s waffles last weekend, as well, and they are amazing. Next I must try Sara’s. You’ve probably already seen this, but it’s so interesting and puts things into perspective. I’ve fallen in love with this children’s book; I’m glad it’s my daughter’s favorite. This cake is so cool (watercolor, what?). And this cake. Yum. Here’s a great cause to donate a blog post to. I love this picture of Ella, and the quote underneath. She’s amazing. I’ve had this CD on repeat all week for me (it’s her best, hands down) and this one for the kidlets (I can’t get enough of Shiny Happy People). A day with Sonja, Alex, and Erin would be so fun. I’ll just have to make their granola instead. Also, this is awesome. And, this.(My site will be down this weekend! But I’ll be back on Monday with a re-vamped space. Can’t wait to show you.)

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