Where can I find your Pan-banging Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe? I have the recipe in my cookbook, and also on my site

Where can I find your Cinnamon Roll recipe? I have the recipe in my cookbook, and also on my site

Can I use your recipes on my website, in my class, or in a publication? My preference is that you only post your own photos of the recipe you are working with, and then link back to my site for the recipe, or refer people to my cookbook. Photographs from my site or book cannot be used without permission. Please email [email protected] for inquiries. 

Can I use other egg sizes beside large? Yes. Check out this egg size conversion chart for replacing egg sizes.

What if I don’t have instant yeast for a recipe? You can still use active yeast. Active dry yeast is a little different than instant in that it used to be made with larger granules and needed to be dissolved first. However, most yeast made today has similar sized granulates, so you can skip this step. It should be fine to use the active yeast in the recipe as written. If you are worried about it, you could dissolve the yeast in the warm milk instead of adding it to the flour mixture. Red Star Yeast has a great FAQ page troubleshooting yeast here. You can read more about the difference in yeast here.