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sarah kieffer
sarah kieffer
sarah kieffer
sarah kieffer
sarah kieffer
I had another fun session last week; couples in love are a beautiful thing.

A few things:
*I’ve discovered some gorgeous food blogs the last few weeks: Princess Tofu, Hortus Natural Cooking, A Brown Table, Hummingbird High, and Dolly and Oatmeal, just to name a few.

*I am terribly smitten with everything in Suite One Studio’s store. But I especially love this and this.

*I was excited to be on Food 52 last week – check out my halfway to dinner article, featuring one batch of caramelized onions.

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8 Responses to photographs + links

  1. I love the one of their heads lying down. Great shots!

  2. Tieghan says:

    Such beautiful photographs!! Some day I would LOVE to shoot like this!

  3. Beautiful photographs, and thanks for the shout-out, Sarah! I love your blog too.

  4. What a beautiful way to start my Sunday – your photos, words, and general niceties make being part of the blogging community so sweet.

  5. Sarah, thanks for the mention, I am a big fan of your work, your photographs are always gorgeous, so this means a lot! Thanks again for making my weekend.

  6. I am such a huge fan of Princess Tofu and Hortus Natural Cooking. And now I am totally loving A Brown Table and Hummingbird High. I love coming to your space not only for your lovely recipes, but your words and photos! So thank you so much for including me here, Sarah 🙂

  7. Oh, I especially love the last shot. You are such a talented photographer, Sarah!

    And Hortus Natural Cooking is a gorgeous blog. I found it a few weeks ago and can’t keep my eyes off all those beautiful images.

  8. I thought I commented on this when I saw it the first time, but I guess I only thought it.

    I LOVE the colors in the bouquet – these are beautiful pictures. 🙂

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