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Last week I spent a few days in Winona, working on a food column I write with Larry and Colleen for Food 52. We spent most our time cooking, baking, and photographing, but did find time to have some meaningful conversation and watch a few episodes of Flight of the Conchords.
sarah kieffer

sarah kieffer

sarah kieffer

sarah kieffer

sarah kieffer

sarah kieffer

sarah kieffer

sarah kieffer

Just a little green
Like the color when the spring is born
There’ll be crocuses to bring to school tomorrow
Just a little green
Like the nights when the Northern lights perform
There’ll be icicles and birthday clothes
And sometimes there’ll be sorrow
-Joni Mitchell

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9 Responses to a few days in winona

  1. molly yeh says:

    i just scrolled up and down looking at these photos countless times. they are so beautiful.

    (i also just google mapped winona! i’ve heard of it, and now that i’m looking at a map, i’m thinking that i’ve taken the train through it…it looks so pretty!)

  2. Abby says:

    These photos are all so, so beautiful, Sarah! You have such a gift for capturing lovely moments.

  3. Sherrie says:

    That photo of the tea kettle and billowy steam, I could stare it for forever. Just simply perfect Sarah, xo!

  4. Lindsey says:

    stunning captures as always, sarah. and hail to joni! xo

  5. Rachel says:

    like most other people said, the photos are gorgeous. Plus pizza with artichokes. My favorite thing in the world 🙂

  6. Hey Sarah,
    Amazing clicks. Loved the tea kettle most. No words to describe that how spectacular it is.

  7. marcia says:

    these are so simplistic and lovely.

  8. Imen says:

    Love that Joni Mitchell lyric……..and everything about this post. Want to curl up with a cup of tea in front of that wood burning stove and eat those swirly scones (is that what they are? Amazing!!!) Look forward to meeting you in real life this summer Sarah!
    Imen x

  9. My goodness, these are lovely photos. You have such a gift for capturing everyday moments in beautiful ways.

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