Forage Modern Workshop

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Have you heard of Forage Modern Workshop? I hope so, but if you haven’t you’re in luck! Because not only is the online store up and running, but today Forage opens its doors in Minneapolis. Forage is a space filled with modern (1930 to present) furniture and home goods, as well as local design, vintage, custom-made, and other furniture and goods. You can check out their webpage, or follow them on Facebook. [Also, keep your eyes open for a unique partnership with Rustica Bakery, Dogwood Coffee, and Victory 44!] I am happy to say I know these fine people, and am proud of their endeavour. So now hop over to their store!
Forage Modern Workshop was formed out of a desire to provide a community where customers become friends, the competition becomes partners, and shopping becomes a movement. Every person has a story to tell and adds value to our community; our homes and furniture should do the same… [we] believe that our homes should reflect our unique personalities and are the physical representation of our story, filled with both old and new furniture and decor, gifts from friends and items we saved for months to buy, pictures of our past and spaces where we invite friends and family to gather. Our homes should be beautiful, because our stories are beautiful. [from Forage Modern Workshop webpage]
4023 East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN

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