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frangelico-coffee no-churn ice cream | the vanilla bean blog

A while back I made a delicious concoction involving Frangelico and coffee. Soon after I was contacted by the nice folks at Frangelico to create a recipe, which I said yes to immediately, because I love baking with their liqueur. Prior to my frozen drink, I had actually only used Frangelico in baking and cooking, and worked at a coffeehouse that made a delicious Bundt cake involving the hazelnut liqueur, dried cherries, and espresso. I thought of re-creating that, but instead decided since it is almost summer, ice cream might be a much better idea. And, I made the right choice.

This ice cream is a no-churn variety, which means you don’t need an ice cream maker (yeah!). It is smooth and creamy, with a light coffee and hazelnut flavor balanced perfectly. I also have a cacao nib cookie recipe in case you want to go the ice cream sandwich route, which is also a very tasty option.
frangelico-coffee no-churn ice cream | the vanilla bean blog
frangelico + coffee no-churn ice cream | the vanilla bean blog
frangelico + coffee ice cream | the vanilla bean blog
And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer. – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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These little ice cream sandwiches are so good.
I wasn’t too sure about them, when I started scheming them up. But I love Chinese 5-spice, and toasted sesame oil, and coconut milk, and cookies and ice cream and crystallized ginger. So why not make dessert instead of stir fry?
You are either totally into this right now, or wrinkling up your nose at me. I understand. But toasted sesame sugar cookies are tasty. Sweet-spicy ice cream with crystallized ginger flecks make them even better. And ‘try new things’ is probably on that list of resolutions you made, right? So here’s a great way to get to it!

Somehow we are already on the front steps of 2018. The door is open, and another January welcomes us in with a glorious smile, reassuring those waiting out in the cold that right inside, just through that open door, things will be better. The new year will bring hope, and change. So we resolve to evolve, and put our faith in the dropping of a ball, a countdown from ten, and then number one. Two weeks in, however, we realize it’s still all the same, January is December, minus the Christmas tree. The list of resolutions gets shoved in a drawer, we turn on the news and are still groaning, trying to find our voice. There was no wizardry to wash away the sins of the previous year. We remember about the importance of time, and hard work, and continuing to keep at something even though no one is watching.

But although the New Year doesn’t contain magic, it’s a good idea to make a cake at the end of it all anyway. We can still celebrate the previous twelve months: observe how far we’ve come, make plans for the coming days, or just share time, enjoying ice cream, with those we spend our days. And while I walk into this next month knowing everything is not new and fresh, I will still look around for hope, and change, and progress, and help propel those things forward as best I can.


I’ve teamed up with Land O’Lakes for a few posts over the rest of the year. I’ve been a big fan of their butter for years; I love how my baked goods turn out with it, and as they are a Minnesota-based company, it seemed like a natural fit. I’m happy to report that the Land O Lakes® Heavy Whipping Cream is delicious, too – here it’s used in the chocolate no-churn ice cream, but I also use it in whipped cream, cheesecake, and any other application, both sweet and savory, where I need heavy cream.

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.

-Neil Gaiman

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‘Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.’ – Henry James

I have to agree with Mr. James here; summer is magic. With my littles at home and days filled with swimming, reading, long walks, trips to the library, canoeing, hammocking, lego building, and not homeworking, I am entering August on tiptoes, knowing there are only four weeks of leisure left. ‘Twenty-nine days!’ my seven year old son lamented today as he counted on the calendar. ‘Only twenty-nine days left of summer! I’m doomed!’ I tried to reassure him it was plenty of time, but August does have a reputation for flying by too fast. Or, as my friend Kate put it, ‘August is the Sunday of summer. June is Friday night, July is Saturday, and each day of August quietly whispers, Monday is just around the corner.’

So we made ice cream cake. Because the weather is warm, and we still have days left to celebrate our freedom. Raspberry crème fraîche no-churn ice cream with chocolate cookie crumb and toasted meringue topping, to be exact. It was decadent, and delicious; it cooled us to our toes and made us momentarily ignore that yes, we are doomed.

‘All in all, it was a never-to-be-forgotten summer — one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going — one of those summers which, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather, delightful friends and delightful doing, come as near to perfection as anything can come in this world.’ – LM Montomery

This post is sponsored by Driscoll’s and the Minnesota #BerryTogether Sweepstakes. Did you know Minnesota is the number one consumer of raspberries? To celebrate, Driscoll’s is giving away a Minnesota exclusive getaway Madden’s Resort & Spa in Brainerd, MN for 4 from now until August 31st. Click here to enter.

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Strawberries & Cream Amaretti Cookies (gluten free)
It’s the summer of fun! For reasons before mentioned, I am lining up guest posts for this summer. Up next is Izy from Top With Cinnamon. I’ve been enamored with Izy’s photographs for awhile now, and when I found out she was 17 years old, I was even more impressed. I wish I would have had this much ambition (and had been this cool) in high school. This woman is going places.

Hi guys! I’m so happy to be guest posting here on Sarah’s gorgeous blog, which I’ve been a fan of for such a long time. From the beautiful writing and photography to her Instagram feed and inspiring Pinterest boards, Sarah is one of my favourite bloggers around, especially as here on Vanilla Bean there’s no shortage of baked goods!

I am a baker at heart, so it’s always hard for me when the summer hits, full force, with the enveloping heat and humidity. It makes it hard to bear standing around in a kitchen for an hour, whilst an oven blazes by your side. But what is a baker to do? I try to stick to recipes where the baking is a minimal part of the recipe. Cookies tend to do the trick as the baking time is usually only around 10 minutes. Now, we all know gooey chocolate chip cookies will always be amazing, but I don’t really want to be stuffing my face with warm cookies when it’s hot out. I want a cookie that’s best at room temperature, or maybe even cold from the refrigerator. This opens up a whole new level of cookie creation, people.

Here in London, the Tennis Season is upon us. Queen’s first, and soon the well known Wimbledon Tennis will start. Now you may be wondering why I’m talking about tennis when I was just talking about cookies, but stick with me on this one!

During Wimbledon matches, the classic pairing of strawberries and cream is served to the spectators. It’s refreshing, cool and summery-sweet. I took inspiration from this and translated it to cookie form! I piped vanilla whipped cream into a chewy, thumb-printed amaretti cookie, and topped it with a sliced strawberry. I also drizzled some white chocolate onto some of them, kind of overkill, but it looks nice (haha).
Strawberries & Cream Amaretti Cookies (gluten free)
Strawberries & Cream Amaretti Cookies (gluten free)
Strawberries & Cream Amaretti Cookies (gluten free)

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I wasn’t so sure about pumpkin ice cream. But I couldn’t get it out of my head. Pumpkin sometimes ends up in odd places [for instance, in my latte], but once Fall arrives and sweaters are part of my everyday attire, that big orange gourd calls to me, promising comfort.
This little experiment wasn’t a disappointment. Subtle pumpkin flavor, warm spices and creamy texture make this no-churn version almost perfect. It will be showing up this Holiday, along side pumpkin pie, sandwiched between gingersnaps, and just by it’s lovely little self.

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There was a fairy party. My daughter spent most of the summer planning one in her quiet time: it was complete with hand drawn plans; she had every minute detailed. Adam and I decided to go ahead and throw it, and it was a big success. There were pale pink cupcakes, tiny fairy houses to decorate, colorful wings, ice cream sandwiches, pixie dust, and a pile of dress up clothes. And my little fairy then tumbled into bed, and spent the night in happy dreams.


After living in Minneapolis and the surrounding area my entire life, I’ve found a few places that I love to frequent. Here’s a list of my favorite stops and shops.

Anelace Coffee

Anelace Coffee
The best coffee I’ve had in Minneapolis. Also serving pastries from Rustica, chocolate from Ritual, and tea from Kilogram Tea. Located in NE Minneapolis.

Spyhouse Coffee
Good coffee, great place to work or catch up. Located in NE Minneapolis and North Loop.

Magers & Quinn Bookstore

Magers & Quinn
Both new and used books. Huge selection. Located in Uptown.

Paperback Exchange
Rows and piles of books jammed into a tiny store. Check out the entire room of romance novels, if just to browse the amazing titles.

sonnys ice cream

Sonny’s Ice Cream
Formally known as the Creme Cafe. Lovely patio, great ice cream. Located in Uptown.

Scoops, sundaes, drinks, and sandwiches. Be prepared to wait in line. Located in Uptown.

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Lyndale Park Rose Gardens
a gorgeous spot to spend the afternoon. Also, if you can catch the crab apple tree blossoms in early spring, you are in for a lovely treat.

Silverwood Park
Located just a few blocks outside of Minneapolis. Quiet and beautiful, with great walking paths and a cafe that serves dirt cheap cold press.


Bar La Grassa
Italian food, featuring small plates and pastas. The gnocchi with cauliflower and orange is incredible.

Blue Door Pub
Build-your-own-burgers. Need I say more?


Where we take the kids

Crescent Moon Pizza
A family favorite. Football pizzas with spicy sauce.

Hong Kong Noodle
My kids want to move in here. Our favorites: BBQ pork lo mein, sesame beef, pan-fried dumplings.

Sen Yai Sen Lak
Really good food. My daughter lives for the pad thai.

Convention Grill
Greasy burgers, heaping plates of fries, and thick malts. So dang good.



french toast with bittersweet chocolate and pears | the vanilla bean blog
‘I am not a chef and have never been. I am a home cook who writes about food. Not even a passionate cook (whatever one of those is), just a quietly enthusiastic and slightly greedy one. But, I like to think, a thoughtful one. Someone who cares about what they feed themselves and others, where the ingredients come from, when and why they are at their best, and how to use them to give everyone, including the cook, the most pleasure…

The art of crafting something by hand – a sandwich even- for others to enjoy is something I can always find time for. Making a dish over and over again till it is how you want it, whether a loaf of bread or a pasta supper for friends, gives me a great deal of pleasure…[i]f we follow a recipe word for word we don’t really learn anything, we just end up with a finished dish. Fine, if that’s all you want. Does it really matter how you get somewhere? I don’t think it does. Short cuts are fine, rule breaking is fine. What matters is that the food we end up with is lick-the-plate delicious.

Let us never forget that we are only making something to eat. And yet, it can be so much more than that, too. So very much more.’
(Nigel Slater, Notes From The Larder)
french toast with bittersweet chocolate and pears | the vanilla bean blog
french toast with bittersweet chocolate and pears | the vanilla bean blog
french toast with bittersweet chocolate and pears | the vanilla bean blog

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waffles with fig compote and orange-honey crème fraîche | the vanilla bean blog
As soon as you announce to the world you are going to have a child, the world responds with its wisdom. It’s a lengthy monologue, a blast of ice cold wind in your sweet, glowing face; sentence after sentence of contradictions insisting that you heed its warnings. Vaccinate! Don’t vaccinate! Breastfeed! Formula! Co-sleep! Never! Cloth Diapers! Disposables! Let them cry to sleep! Don’t let them cry to sleep! Snacks! No snacks! Television! No television! (And on and on and on and on…)

But while the world may know about its own children, it doesn’t understand mine; the height and depth of these two tiny beings that reside with me. It may even have an arsenal of books with facts and statistics, but still it never took any time to distinguish my daughter’s hurt cry from her tired, or figure out that when she formed her mouth to look like a tiny bird beak there was exactly 49 seconds to feed her or she would rage. The world never saw my son successfully wiggle his way out of swaddled blankets each and every time I attempted to wrap him tightly, or saw him cry himself to sleep though I held him so close. The world didn’t watch like I have, instead it took every opportunity to shout answers while I whispered questions that had none. All I could do was wake each morning and gather: every laugh, every cry, every breath; hoping that by doing so I could somehow make sense of things. waffles with fig compote and orange-honey crème fraîche | the vanilla bean blog
waffles with fig compote and orange-honey crème fraîche | the vanilla bean blog
waffles with fig compote and orange-honey crème fraîche | the vanilla bean blog
waffles with fig compote and orange-honey crème fraîche | the vanilla bean blog
waffles with fig compote and orange-honey crème fraîche | the vanilla bean blogAnd the good news is, I can. Days have passed, even years, and all those collected moments have started to fit together, slowly connect. I know so well why my son has growled at older kids in the park, why my daughter freaks out every time she puts on socks, or why she is terrified when someone is sick. I know why they will both laugh until they cry at the word ‘goobertubes’ and why three chocolate chips can heal all wounds. They are little things, responses that make no sense to an outside observer; they are moments easily judged by someone passing by. But I know, I know so well, how we got there.

So hey, sweet world, I see your What To Expect and raise you my handwritten journals, my stack of photographs, my folder of Mother’s Day cards and unicorn-princess drawings. I’m confident, terribly confident, I’ve finally got this hand.
It’s a virtual shower for The Faux Martha! And these are her most amazing waffles, all jazzed up just in time for cool fall mornings. So much love to you, Melissa! My only advice is to trust yourself, and watch quietly, carefully. And, for more waffle-shower love, check out these posts:

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