chocolate chip cookies (wheat free) | the vanilla bean blog
It is nap time. The little ones are quiet, and I am hoping they are asleep. I sit down to breathe, to take time to be still. Almost simultaneously it comes – the near audible whisper, a voice from within, from above. It is time for chocolate. I feel amused when I hear the call, but still give in to my afternoon addiction. My feet find the floor and my hands the highest cupboard. There it lays, nestled behind looming bottles of olive oil and vermouth, out of sight to a quick observer. I stand on tip-toe, grabbing for the shiny silver tinfoil. Two pieces of dark bittersweet break into my hands; the brown-black squares stand out against my pale freckled skin. I seat myself again, quietly biting into the segments.

There, finally, is the silence I was searching for; precious moments are spiritualized as the chocolate washes over me. I reach back into my memory, and the past is quickly present as the chocolate calls out to the sweet. My husband and I are still; his arms wrapped around me. Some call it afterglow, but I see black cocoa blooming in steaming coffee, waiting to cool slightly before being whisked completely smooth. My mind finds another moment, and there is an old wooden church pew, well-worn with sincere hearts. I sit quietly in its comfort, resting in the torn pink cushions, and my questions are silenced for one flitting moment. I recall my first bite of chocolate pudding cake: the velvety silk silences me instantly.

But as quickly as the sweet came it is gone, my hands are empty as the squares sink inside me. I am not satisfied; I remember there are more pieces, whispering to me again from the cupboard. I try to ignore them, but the bitter flavor is now center stage, and its aftertaste lingering. My mind is  racing while my husband sleeps, and I am longing for what I can’t put words to, trying to keep doors inside me safely locked. I am seated in the pew again, but now I am lamenting and questioning: a dear friend left this earth too soon, her body unable to keep her here any longer. There are no answers, just clanging voices calling out to the sky.

But my chocolate-inspired daze is cut short. My daughter is calling to me. I walk the stairs to her room, open the door and lean in close to her face. She recognizes the scent on my breath, and to her it only brings to mind scenes of sweetness. Her innocent eyes ask me the question, and we smile at each other as I gather her in my arms. We climb down the stairs and settle in on the couch. I break off two more pieces and we eat them together.
chocolate chip cookies (wheat free) | the vanilla bean blog
(Whatever we’ve lost
I think we’re gonna let it go
Let it fall
Like snow

‘Cause rain and leaves
And snow and tears and stars
And that’s not all my friend
They all fall with confidence and grace
So let it fall,

let it fall.

over the rhine)

Wheat Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
from Flavor Flours by Alice Medrich
I was able to see Ms. Medrich speak a few weeks back on her new book, Flavor Flours. I learned so much in that hour. She’s the real deal.

She made us ginger cookies and a pound cake from her new book, and they were amazing. All the recipes in the book are made with gluten free flours, but instead of trying to come up with a flour replacement for all-purpose flour, she highlights a specific flour in each recipe, bringing gluten-free baking to a whole new level.

You can find the recipe for these cookies here. I also added 1 cup chopped pecans to the dough. They are incredible.
Flavor Flours by Alice Medrich


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25 Responses to wheat free chocolate chip cookies

  1. Just gorgeous writing. And these cookies look lovely!

  2. Sometimes all you need is chocolate 🙂 I love the writing in this post Sarah and that book sounds incredible. I’m so much more of a fan of gluten free baking if a particular flour is showcased, rather than trying to exactly replace all purpose flour.

  3. molly yeh says:

    girl that is some poetic chocolate o’clock!!!!

  4. Abby says:

    your writing is so perfect, sarah. it’s always such a pleasure to read. <3
    and i love the photographs! that last one is just too cute! 🙂

  5. When chocolate calls to us, we must listen! Love this sweet story… and, of course, these beautiful cookies.

  6. Lovely post – your beautiful photos are a perfect compliment to your words. Can’t wait to try these cookies!

  7. Sina says:

    Such beautiful words. So sorry for your loss. Chocolate it is indeed.

  8. I absolutely love this. Such beautiful moments, and such a delicious looking recipe. Always enchanted by your words and photos!!

  9. I think cookies are good. I also think sharing cookies with my child is even better. It sounds like you feel the same way. 😉

  10. Emily says:

    Ah! I wish I’d known Alice was touring with her book. She was in my city last night, darn it!

  11. Tieghan says:

    Such pretty cookies and writing. You catch moments so well 🙂

  12. Kathryn says:

    It is always a treat to come here Sarah and read your words. They always nourish my heart.

  13. Well written to the point that we were all with you, but at the same we were all with our own selves blending our memories and feelings with yours.

  14. Chocolate meditation. I know that ritual all too well. This is a beautiful post.

  15. Kelly says:

    beautiful. thank you.

  16. Niveda says:

    Nothing can replace chocolate..Chocolate cookies and tea awesome combination..

  17. These cookies are gorgeous, and your writing, wow, it just draws me in, I could read your blog all day 🙂

  18. Sacha says:

    Lovely. I have a cabinet too, so high I need a step stool. The height doesn’t stop me and as the weather gets colder, I’ll eat more for warmth.

    I’m terribly excited about this cookbook, not because of the gluten-free aspect but because of the beautiful flavor of the flours explored. I really think it’s a game-changer.

  19. Your words are true poetry, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing them with us. The book from Alice Medrich sounds brilliant. Going to check out that cookie recipe right now. And add the book to my all too long wish list. Hope you have a great weekend, Sarah. xx

  20. Thia says:

    Chocolate does still the mind… flavors and textures reminders of the past… thank you for sharing.

  21. Everything about this is utter perfection. (The writing just as much as the recipes and photos…. if not more.) Write a book, please!!!

  22. autumn says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about this recipe… That probably sounds crazy, but I’ve been gluten-free for 10+ years and I’ve honed my gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe radar. These look, as you say, incredible!

  23. Fernando says:

    HI. I have tried to get this recipe, but the website says that I’m not invited to enter on this blog. Could you send me the correct link please? Thanks

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