vanilla bean snow cream | the vanilla bean blog
‘A rain had fallen from some warmer region in the skies when the cold here below was intense to an extreme. Every drop was frozen wherever it fell in the trees, and clung to the limbs and sprigs as if it had been fastened by hooks of steel. The earth was never more universally covered with snow, and the rain had frozen upon a crust on the surface which shone with the brightness of burnished silver. The icicles on every sprig glowed in all the luster of diamonds. Every tree was a chandelier of cut glass. I have seen a queen of France with 18 millions of livres of diamonds upon her person and I declare that all the charms of her face and figure added to all the glitter of her jewels did not make an impression on me equal to that presented by every shrub. The whole world was glittering with precious stones.’ – John Adams
vanilla bean snow cream | the vanilla bean blog
vanilla bean snow cream | the vanilla bean blog
vanilla bean snow cream | the vanilla bean blog
vanilla bean snow cream | the vanilla bean blog

vanilla bean snow cream | the vanilla bean blog
Vanilla Bean Snow Cream
Inspired by the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook and Molly Yeh’s snow picnic.

I’m from Minnesota, but somehow this is the first I’ve heard of snow cream. Apparently it is rather popular down South, but I think this needs to be a Northern thing; we are buried in snow half the year, anyway. We should make these long months fun. Also, there is much room for experimentation here! Coffee, chocolate, liqueur – all would be so good in this.

1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped
8 cups (clean) snow, or shaved ice

In a bowl, whisk together the sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean seeds. Set aside.

Place the snow in a large bowl, and pour the sweetened condensed mixture on top of it. Using a fork, quickly mix the snow and milk together, until totally combined. Eat immediately (or set aside for a few minutes to re-chill).
vanilla bean snow cream | the vanilla bean blog
snow cream | the vanilla bean blog

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24 Responses to vanilla bean snow cream

  1. molly yeh says:

    snowflakes as precious stones… i love that! the snow is indeed like glitter 🙂

    i find it so amusing that snow cream is originally a southern thing! we have all the snow up here!!! i must make this soon… i’d be silly not to.

  2. Can’t say I have ever heard of this either but considering how in Calgary we have snow at least 9 months of the year, I cannot see why it isn’t a thing! I could make a 10000000000x batch just with the snow in my backyard right now!

  3. Totally making this, and soon! By the way, I’m really loving your bread book!

  4. Sacha says:

    So so so fun! (Though I’ll definitely avoid city snow.) 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Yup, I’m from south Mississippi and I remember when I was about six years old, one particular (and very rare) blizzard blew in and my mom made this for us. It was a double treat for us – snow and snow cream 🙂

  6. Enchanting…now to find some snow in Los Angeles….:)

  7. this looks SO DELIGHTFUL!!! I have never ever heard of this! (but then again, I’m in the Pacific NW by way of Hawaii originally) :)What fun! If it snows, I am totally trying this out.

  8. This is the coolest idea ever! Snow cream, who’d a thought eh? Never heard of such a thing in NZ or Australia… My kids would have SO much fun making food out of snow! xx

  9. Skye says:

    What a magical idea! Just wish that we had snow here…

  10. This is such a fantastic idea — and it makes me a little less bitter about all the snow we have (at least now I have something yummy to make with it :)).

  11. Wow, this is something absolutely new to me. Exciting! I’ll have to wait for some snow (it’s been a crazy warm winter here in Finland, we celebrated Christmas in rain) before I can make this but am intrigued to try it out. So much fun!

  12. yum! I am from the south living in Minnesota. Always looking for things to do when its too cold outside to play (I’m southern so that’s anything below 10 or 15) will give it a try!

  13. Kathryn says:

    This is so, so, so clever.

  14. Such a simple and beautiful recipe. Thinking a splash of bourbon might be kinda magical.

  15. I’ve never heard of this. But you can bet that the girls and I will be making it. Fun!!

  16. Tieghan says:

    This is so fun! We have tons of snow, so I will be making this soon!

  17. Valerie says:

    “Every tree was a chandelier of cut glass.” Beautifully said, John Adams. And so true! We were visited by the ice storm last week too, luckily the power only went out for an hour or so and come morning, we were treated to a crystallized world straight out of Camelot.

    When I was little I told my parents that snow tasted like coconut (much to their chagrin!). Apparently I was kind of onto something. This is brill!

    Happy New Year, Sarah!! xo

  18. QueenSashy says:

    We got caught in the ice-storm in the mountains last week and nature rewarded us with two days of absolute silence and beauty. Everything was frozen, and everything was perfect. And then when the snow came back, we discovered this recipe!
    Happy New Year!

  19. molly says:

    yes yes YES! we made this tonight (“snice cream”, we call it), a treat after shoveling the freshly fallen 4″ of snow. we make ours with heavy cream (1/2 cup whipped, with 2/3 cup powdered sugar + several teaspoons vanilla). It has become a beloved tradition of our new home.

    And as to experimentation? A good glug of pomegranate syrup over all was THE BOMB. Three bowls, per adult. OH my.

    Happy New Year to you, my dear.


  20. I’m so glad I found your blog. Beautiful and interesting and inspiring all at the same time 🙂 Keep it up!

  21. Finally catching up on some blog reading. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this either. I keep telling the kids not to eat snow. I guess this will change things 🙂

  22. Susanne says:

    I live in northwestern NC – the Appalachian Mtns where we usually see plenty of snow each winter – and my grandmother ALWAYS made snow cream for us. My kids just made some today with the 14″ we got last night!

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