meringues with rhubarb curd | the vanilla bean blog

I’ve come here, several times now, trying to write this post. The things I want to write about, well, I don’t know what they are. Something brilliant, of course. I’d tie in Hemingway, since I just finished his book. I’d whisper lovely, thoughtful sentences to move you, and inspire you to bake and love and live.

Or I could instead be quite honest; tell you that I’ve been so anxious, brimming with fear: of life, of death, and of everything in between. My mind feels like an enormous chalkboard, recently erased. I could peer at it and make out some words, but it’s mostly a mess of gray dust that will set off a coughing spell if I get too close.

So maybe I’ll just tell you about these meringues: beautiful white circles glimmering on parchment!  They are a lovely treat, a recipe from the amazing Zoë François. I had actually never made them before, and was delighted to find how easily they came together. One sweet-but-not-too-sweet bite will bring some comfort, and cheer hearts when words seem to fail.
meringues with rhubarb curd | the vanilla bean blog
meringues with rhubarb curd | the vanilla bean blog

meringues with rhubarb curd | the vanilla bean blog

Meringues with Rhubarb Curd and Rosehip

I used Ms. Zoë François‘ meringue recipe, which can be found here. It’s fantastic: the meringues turned out gorgeous, and were not too sweet. I used this recipe for rhubarb curd from The Kitchn. It is very tasty, but I  had a little trouble with it setting up, and ended up stirring in some sour cream to help thicken it (this made it taste amazing). I would suggest using Zoë’s method for cooking the curd (which is also found in her meringue post) – heating the butter along with everything else, instead of stirring it in at the end. I also added a little tiny bit of red coloring to help with the pink color – my curd was looking sort of gray-ish because of all the bright orange-yellow egg yolks I had. I also sprinkled rosehip ‘flakes’ over the top.
meringues | the vanilla bean blog

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27 Responses to meringues with rhubarb curd and rosehip

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful photography as always, you have a real way with styling and light! Enviable! And this is a genius tweak on meringues an rhubarb. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Hope these meringues did the trick to cheer you up love. They are stunning xx

  3. Kathryn says:

    ‘Brimming with fear’ is exactly right, I know that feeling and how it takes over your mind in its whirls of confusion. I hope the delicate simplicity of these little treats helped to calm the storm.

  4. Lesley says:

    Loved your writing and those little pink nests look so pretty.

  5. Laura says:

    I am feeling that same fear/strong force of LIFE lately. I think it’s the seasonal shift thing? I tend to develop a sense of fear at the beginning of any of those thought swirl-y things (awesome vocab I know), just from being overwhelmed at not knowing what move to make next, wondering about its true impact and all that. Generally, any move at all seems to set me on a path of less thought/non-thought heaviness.

    Anyway, I hope some spring treat-making helped you find a touch of clarity. I love how these are like the teeniest handheld pavlovas. Perfect for Spring. And that shot of the teeny hand spooning in some curd–unreal in its beauty, Sarah. xo

  6. carey says:

    These little meringues are too beautiful, and I bet they are just as delicious, if not more so.
    I know that anxiety well. Spring brings it for me, and I hope it will pass with the first few weeks of the season for you too. xo

  7. First, I love your blog design, and your photos are always gorgeous! Second, I appreciate your honesty and can understand all too well anxiety. Your writing struck a chord with me, as I emerge from my own shell recently. This line is especially nice: “One sweet-but-not-too-sweet bite will bring some comfort, and cheer hearts when words seem to fail.” Thank you 🙂

  8. I can certainly (or uncertainly) relate with that feeling of uncertainty. You do inspire to bake, love and live though, through your beautiful truthfulness. And lovely pictures. These are so pretty.

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  10. Your meringues look absolutely beautiful and I love the sound of the rhubarb curd. Sorry about your anxiety, I understand that brimming with fear feeling all to well. Hope things get better for you soon and thank you for sharing your totally lovely photos.

  11. Nana says:

    These are so beautiful! I’m gonna try and copycat you for my upcoming birthday 🙂

  12. Kathryne says:

    Such beautiful and creative meringues, Sarah. I can totally relate to how you have been feeling; I’ve been a mess lately and can hardly come up with anything to write about that is not depressing, let alone uplifting. We’ll get through it.

  13. I LOVE this pairing! Thank you for sharing this :). You’ve refreshed a lingering love for rose hip. Keep writing sweet girl. You are an inspiration.

  14. Izy says:

    ooh they are so gorgeous! and the rhubarb curd with sour cream sounds so. good.
    I’ve been anxious, too, lately – food seems to help (especially when its in sweet and sour meringue form like this, I think) 🙂

  15. Genia says:

    Such a unique recipe – love it! 🙂

  16. Sacha says:

    I’ve learned well: When the world is confusing, too much to fathom, bake. And what a pick-me-up these must be. They look heavenly…in the literal sense…like from heaven. I love the idea of a tart curd offsetting the intense sweetness of the meringues. The rose is a smart edition.

  17. Love the use of rosehip here. Food definitely helps with the anxiousness 🙂

  18. Stephanie says:

    Gosh, so pretty! And it’s sorta funny, but I’m tempted to make a lemon curd and make the meringues look like sunny-side up eggs instead. :-p

    I hope you’re doing better. Anxiety sucks.

  19. kels says:

    Hey you. In melancholy and cheer, your light and tenderness are not dulled. There are no words from strangers or friends that can really remedy the anxiety we keep, but music, MUSIC, I know has some kinda special sauce in relieving, even temporarily, the weight in our hearts. This has been my lullaby, as of late. Hope it brings you a moment of peace, too. and .. xoxo

  20. Rebekka says:

    These are unbelievably beautiful. Truly, truly some of the most beautiful edible things I have ever seen. Wow.

  21. Sylvie says:

    These are so very pretty! What a lovely blog you run! Just gorgeous.

  22. Camilla says:

    Where can I buy rosehip flakes? Or is there a substitute that I can use for those? Thanks!

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Camilla- I was able to find them at my local co-op, or if you search for them online you will have several options to buy them at various places. You can just omit them, too – it tastes great without them.

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