I started making vanilla bean sugar awhile ago, and it has been an amazing addition to my kitchen. It’s very simple to make, and it adds so much flavor and love to my baked goods. So I’m going to convince you to make some, too.
  First, the why. You can use this to top scones and muffins. Or quick bread. Stir in your coffee. Add to pancake batter. Sprinkle on your sugar cookies. The vanilla bean adds a layer of depth and flavor to everything, and the flecks of brown are so lovely. It’s really incredible.
All you need is a vanilla bean and a cup of white sugar. Put the sugar in a glass jar with a sealed lid. Slice the vanilla bean open down the center with a sharp knife, and scrape all the seeds out. Bury the pod in the sugar, and put all the scraped seeds in. Shake shake shake! That’s it. Now watch your kitchen come alive.
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  1. i love what you are doing here! the idea of a family food history fascinates me.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Sarah! This is a fantastic little trick. Would this work with coconut sugar?

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